Advisor profiles

Enterprise Centres Tasmania business advisors are allocated to different regions.

To find your nearest advisor click on your region on the map on the Find your advisor page.

  • Central North West - Central Coast, Devonport, Kentish, Latrobe, Meander Valley
  • Central South - Hobart, Glenorchy, Brighton, Central Highlands, Derwent Valley, Southern Midlands
  • East - Dorset, Break O’Day, Glamorgan Spring Bay
  • North - Launceston, West Tamar, George Town, Northern Midlands, Flinders Island
  • South East - Clarence, Sorell, Tasman Peninsula
  • South West - Kingborough, Huon Valley
  • West - Burnie, Waratah-Wynyard, Circular Head, West Coast, King Island


Hobart, Glenorchy, Brighton, Central Highlands, Derwent Valley, Southern Midlands

Kingborough, Huon Valley

James Robinson 

James Robinson

When it comes to in-depth strategic and commercial expertise, James has it in spades. He's a qualified accountant who has a background in the delivery of IT, corporate finance and general consulting.

James has held senior positions in several companies and is currently the Managing Director of In-tellinc. He's also involved with a number of sporting and community organisations in his spare time.

Contact James on 0412 296 465 or at

Bernd Neubauer

Bernd Neubauer

Helping owners of small to medium-sized businesses achieve their goals is in Bernd’s DNA. Since starting his career as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG, Bernd has spent over 20 years providing financial, marketing and strategic planning advice to privately owned businesses. Bernd is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has successfully chaired a number of boards of family-owned businesses.

In his spare time, Bernd is a keen surf lifesaver and passionate about the importance of surf awareness education.

Contact Bernd on 0438 000 102 or at

Van Diemen Project

Launceston, West Tamar, George Town, Northern Midlands, Flinders Island

Chris Davis

Chris Davis

Entrepreneurial by nature, Chris is no stranger to starting new business ventures. He has had extensive exposure to products and services, and brings a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience to the table.

Chris is well known for developing and implementing new ideas and he specialises in giving advice in the area of business planning, strategy and governance.

Nothing pleases Chris more than introducing smarter ways to do business.

Contact Chris on 03 6349 1919 or

Break O’Day Business Enterprise Centre

Dorset, Break O’Day, Glamorgan Spring Bay

 Nick Crawford 

Nick Crawford

Nearly 40 years ago Nick followed in his family tradition and started a small business. The same business is still flourishing so it stands to reason that Nick has a huge amount of practical experience to share with others. Over the years, he’s gathered together a network of talented individuals who can advise on all aspects of running a small business in Tasmania.

Nick is also a lucky man. He lives and works on the stunning East Coast and what’s not to love about that?

Contact Nick on 03 6376 2044 or email

Braddon Business Centre

Burnie, Waratah-Wynyard, Circular Head, West Coast, King Island

Warren Moore

Warren Moore

As the principal consultant and proprietor of Moore Consulting (established 1999) Warren has a well-deserved reputation for his methodical approach. He has cleverly adapted traditional big business tools and processes for practical use by small business owners.

He practiced as an accountant, has a Master's degree in Business Administration and loves helping small business operators find the perfect solution, almost as much as he loves fishing.

Contact Warren on 0417 121 094 or at

Switch Tasmania

Central Coast, Devonport, Kentish, Latrobe, Meander Valley

 Martin Brinkman 

Martin Brinkman

With a civil engineering degree and Masters in Business, Martin has run a project management and coaching business for the past 14 years. He uses his expertise in cultural change, collaboration and development to advise and guide Switch Tasmania’s clients. He is passionate about making Tasmania an even better place to live, work and invest in and sees his advisor role as a terrific opportunity to share his skills and knowledge with local small business owners.

Martin’s also happy to talk red wine, bushwalking and fitness, but will be more interested in hearing all about your business, and why you do it.

Contact Martin on 0437 125 528 or email

SBMS Enterprise Centre

Clarence, Sorell, Tasman Peninsula

Phil Holmes 

Phil Holmes

From 2004 until retiring in 2017, Phil owned and operated a meeting and event management business. Before that, he was a teacher for many years finishing his career as Head of the Society, Work and Environment Department. His teaching areas included computer skills, business studies, tourism and psychology.

Phil has wide business experience, particularly in starting a small venture and growing it into a larger, successful company. He’d like to help others do the same whenever he can.

Contact Phil (via the SBMS office) on 1300 816 817 or at

 Richard Watson 

Richard Watson

Richard has had an interesting career. Over the years he’s worked at a senior executive level with global companies in many different industries including aquaculture, agribusiness, food and beverage and financial services.

His knowledge is vast and he’s more than happy to share it.

Contact Richard (via the SBMS office) on 1300 816 817 or at

 Yvonne Buckley 

Yvonne Buckley

Yvonne’s background is in management. She’s run lots of different businesses including sport publishing, boat building, printing, tourism and property management. Because of her broad experience she understands small business operations from all angles.

Yvonne is also a whizz at financial management, bookkeeping and accounts.

Contact Yvonne (via the SBMS office) on 1300 816 817 or at

Ian Stopforth 

Ian Stopforth

Ian is a highly experienced all-rounder. He’s worked as a senior manager for large corporations and operated his own small businesses both in Tasmania and overseas. He’s been involved with all aspects of business development and project management particularly in the manufacturing and technical fields.

Ian believes his talents lie in the control of all resources in the manufacturing process with an emphasis on quality assurance and food safety.

Contact Ian (via the SBMS office) on 1300 816 817 or at