Mentoring for businesses

If you’re ready to take the next step in your small business you can access the wisdom and experience of our Tasmanian mentors.

The Tasmanian Government offers two free services to small business owners – the Enterprise Centres Tasmania (ECT) network and Mentoring for Businesses program. But what's the difference?

Business advisors focus on your business.

The ECT are run by small business experts who will listen to your ideas, look carefully at your business plans, help you set goals and develop strategies for your success. They'll also point out any areas of concern and can be consulted for a specific need or engaged on an ongoing basis.

Mentors focus on you.

A mentor will steer your personal growth and development as a business leader – motivating and encouraging you to achieve your personal goals. Mentors provide guidance, support, introductions and constructive criticism when warranted.

Mentors come from all over the state with skills and qualifications in a wide range of industries and disciplines.

Why do they do it? Some were mentored themselves in the past and want to help others in the same way. Others just sincerely want to give back to the community. Whatever the reason, mentors can be of enormous benefit to small businesses in growth.

How mentoring can help

By working closely with individual business owners, our mentors can help strengthen both your business and entrepreneurial skills. By sharing their in-depth experience they can support and guide you to the next level of growth, job creation and new investment.

Kim Taylor talks about our Mentoring for Businesses program and how it can help you.


Take advantage of all the skills and knowledge our mentors possess and contact the mentor coordinator at Business & Employment, Lauren Somers on 0417 033 086 or email

The service is available across Tasmania and includes Flinders and King Islands.